Peace Lollipops $1.00 36-ct Variety Carrier
Each chocolate lollipop is 1 oz., has an 8 inch stick, and is wrapped in a cello bag with a tie. Give Peace a chance with these hip and trendy lollipops. Great tasting and fun to sell!
Bonus: Peace Bag. With each case ordered, receive one long-handled canvas Peace bag FREE! (Peace bag included inside master case)

Product Highlights
  • Earn 1 Free Bonus Case for every 10 cases purchased!
  • High Profits ˆ Earn up to 60% profit!
  • FREE SHIPPING - The Mega Event(R) will pay for ALL shipping costs if you order these fundraising candy bars from us.
  • No Minimum Orders


There are 36 Lollipops in Each Case of $1.00 Peace Lollipops. Each Case is divided into ten 36-count carriers.