Boy Scout and Girl Scout Fund Raising Programs

Start your Scout Fundraiser today. From Cub Scout fundraising, to Boy Scout fund raising to Girl Scout fundraising to Eagle Scout fund raising, we work with all Scouting Troops.
We are continually updating and introducing new scout fundraising programs for scout troops. Our scout fundraising ideas are pre-sale brochure fundraising programs where there is no upfront investment. Call our Mega Event Product Fundraising Experts to get started today!
We work with all Scouting Organizations: Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, Brownies, Eagle Scouts, etc. If you are a Scout Group we can help you raise all the money you need for your Scout Organization! We are Scout Fundraising Pros!
There is no minimum to the amount of participants in your program! For smaller groups you will find that our Fundraising Network Online Mall works wonders! Earn money from anyone you know who purchases products online! This is a simple program that will allow you to earn extra money 24/7/365!!
Call The Mega Event for details. Your online mall can be set up in one day!
Other great Scout Fundraisers are Cookie Dough, Chocolate Candy Bars, Frozen Pizzas, Magazine Subscriptions, Discount Cards, Candy and Nuts! We have every fundraising program you could ask for! There is never an up-front fee to begin your fundraising program when you work with The Mega Event®! Beware of companies that charge you for supplies, brochures, etc. The Mega Event® will help you raise as much money as you need and you do not have to pay for any sales supplies!
A Scout Fundraiser should have a 2 to 3 week selling period for our brochure fundraisers. Some Scout Troops will decide to run their Fundraising Program longer (or shorter), but 2 weeks is about average. Never sell products for more than three weeks – you will not improve your sales over that period of time. We will let your scouting troop determine the length of the fundraiser. Please make sure that you have a firm start date and a firm end date.
The Mega Event® can help you with your Fundraiser Program as long as you are located anywhere in the lower 48 Continental States. We work will scouts throughout the country.
How To Get Started
Click here to request your free information and sample kit From beginning to end we'll be there to make sure your fundraiser is successful. Many Scout Organizations like to offer the following product fundraisers: Giftwrap, Giftware, Cookie Dough, Candy Bars, Boxed Chocolates, Magazine Subscriptions, Frozen Foods, Discount Cards, Gourmet Lollipops and Home Delivered Products.
Special Events that include inflatable games Carnival games concessions and more are great to feature at your year-end picnic. The Mega Event® can also help you plan a great year-end picnic!
Call toll-free and speak with one of our experienced Scouting Fundraising Experts!
Call today. Absolutely, no obligations. We are ready to help you! 1-888-MEGA EVENT (634-2383).