MegaEvents Fund Raising Programs

Palmer Marketing, Inc. specializes in Elementary School Fundraisers! We’ve been helping Schools raise thousands of dollars for over 25 years!
Programs for Elementary School - Programs for High Schools - Programs for Middle Schools
How to get started
A Team Fundraising Program can be a considerable amount work so, let the experts at The Mega Event® help you through the process.
Youth Team Sports - Cheerleading
A Church Fundraising Program can be a considerable amount work, so let the experts at The Mega Event® help you through the process.
How to Get Started
From Cub Scout fundraising, to Boy Scout fund raising to Girl Scout fundraising to Eagle Scout fund raising, we work with all Scouting Troops.
How to Get Started
We have a variety of incentive prize programs! Remember, all of our quality prize programs are optional. Our prize programs are designed to really help motivate your students, family and staff so they will want to help you with your fund raising program. We work directly with you to make sure we develop the perfect prize program for your fund drive. In addition to the printed prize programs we offer additional incentives for top selling classrooms, teacher rewards, family prizes, top sellers and more! Most of our prize programs are included with your fundraiser at no additional cost!
Home Delivery
The Mega Event® offers Home Delivered Fundraising Programs! Our Home Delivery Program is perfect for organizations that do not have space to unload a truck full of boxes. Maybe you have a difficult time getting volunteers to help with your programs. Or, maybe you just don’t care to do all of the extra delivery work involved in a successful fund raiser! Whatever the case may be, we offer some of our fundraisers with Home Delivery.