Quick Tips for Faster, Easier Fundraising!
Plan For Success
The best strategy for a fast and easy fundraiser is the “PPP” Program: Plan, Plan Plan
It’s never too early to begin planning your fundraiser program and don’t forget – we are always ready to help you plan for a successful fund drive. The Mega Event has 25 years of fundraising experience! We are here to help with all areas of your fundraiser to make sure your program is an absolute success! Don’t wait another day.
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Present a Kick-Off Assembly
HA kick off assembly has been proven to help fundraiser sales increase up-to 50% - maybe more! The Mega Event reps are very experienced at conducting fun, exciting and safe selling fundraiser kick off programs! We really know how to get your participants excited and inspired to help with your fund drive. Our goal is to instruct safe-selling-ideas and to motivate everyone to help with the program. End result is a totally successful fundraiser that helps you earn all the money you need for your organization!
Don’t Cut Quality
Offer a total fundraiser program that includes great products, awesome rewards for the participants and great service from the fundraising company. The Mega Event offers everything mentioned and more to help you succeed! Call today, we’re ready to help! Or, fill in this form xxxxxxxx and we will get started by sending some free product information.
Prize Programs
Prizes are a great way to motivate participants and keep your fundraiser in full swing from start to finish. The Mega Event offers many great Prize Programs that are proven successful. We know what it takes to get your participants revved up to sell! If you are ready to work with professional, experienced friendly fundraising experts, you’re ready to work with The Mega Event!
Don’t wait another day! Call toll-free! 1-888-MEGA EVENT (634-2383)
Who to Ask/Safe Selling
  • Simply ask friends, family members, neighbors you know, co-workers, friends at church, relatives (grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.) and anyone else you think might support your organization.
  • Remember never to sell alone. Always go in groups or (for children and youth) with a parent.
  • Fundraising Organizers: As you know, children should always be supervised by responsible adults. It’s a good idea to get parents involved and set up fundraising teams with adult leaders, or to organize a selling event where your whole group will sell together at a stationary location.
Be Prepared/Know Why You Are Selling Products
  • You will need to know why you are selling items for your organization. Make sure you know why you are selling before you begin to collect orders. When someone asks what you are selling for – let them know! Be prepared to answer questions like whom you are raising money for and how the funds will be used.
  • Before approaching a potential supporter, be sure you have all your materials. If you are doing an order-taker fundraiser, have your order form and brochure on hand, as well as a few pens for people to fill in orders.
  • If you are selling small items like candy bars, lollipops or beef snacks, or participating in a Scratchcard fundraiser, be sure to have a supply of cash with you to make change if need be.
How to Ask for the order
“Hello, my name is _____________, and I’m raising money for (organization name). I would really appreciate your support for our group by purchasing an item or two from this catalog!
After they purchase
Thank the person for their support. Always wear a smile, be polite and most importantly, be enthusiastic about your cause.